7 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

1-Protection from disease-causing free radicals
One of dark chocolate's most impressive attributes is its high antioxidant content
2-cancer prevention
The flavonoids in chocolate may help prevent cancer
3-Improve heart health
Flavanols have a very positive effect on heart health by helping lower blood pressure and improving blood flow
4-Good for overall cholesterol profile
Dark chocolate's cocoa polyphenols may be involved in cholesterol control
5-Better cognitive function
Intake of flavonoid-rich food, including chocolate, wine, and tea, is associated with better performance across several cognitive abilities
6-Blood pressure and blood sugar aid
Small dark chocolate consumption has been shown to lower blood pressure of the hypertensive diabetics and decrease fasting blood sugar
7-Antioxidant-rich superfood
Dark chocolate's antioxidant capacity is on par or greater than many superfoods

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